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I live in Fremont, California with my long-term boyfriend, Chip. We share our home with two little dogs, which we rescued. We also have several goldfish. During the spring and summer, a mother morning dove raises her babies on our front porch. For my day job, I work in high-tech developing enterprise software but…

My passion is photography and teaching others what I have learned. For me, photography started simply to record scenes for future paintings using a compact digital camera. Turns out I am a poor painter and much better photographer. I read Photoshop User magazine for fun and post an image a day including technical tips for photographers. If you look through my archives, you will notice that I have experimented with many photographic areas including color photography, B&W film photography, digital infrared photography, and Photoshop-created alternate realities.

You can view my "serious" work at Please register on my guest book.

If you have a question on any image or technique, please feel free to email me and ask a question. Someday, I would like to hold Dorothy Photo Workshops with talented participants from all over. This next year, I am working on exhibiting my work so I have started to apply to juried shows. I hope that I have some luck.

Inspirational Blogs

Please let me recommend reading of Chronic Pain Lifestyle by Colin and his co-author, Anne. I met Colin last spring via the magic of the ’blogosphere’ . Colin had found my photo blog and requested using my images to illustrate his postings. Well, meeting Colin and reading his inspirational postings has given me the better end of the bargain. I look forward each new posting by Colin and Anne. Given their courage in living a full life despite chronic pain has given me a better perspective on my own health problems. Thank you, Colin and Anne!

Another inspirational blog is Wind Lost. Terri writes about her struggles with chronic tension headaches which she handles with grace and courage. Terri is also a gifted photographer. Her postings have inspired me to try out new techniques in my own work.

Photography Blogs

I am always looking for inspiration. Fortunately, there is a plethora of amazing work out in the blogosphere. Here are some of the blogs that I read regularly in no particular order.

  • Foxfire - The Movie

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